September 24, 2016

Our Engagement

  • Proposal in Cancun

    Cancun, Mexico

    It was a cloudier day, with a forecast for rain. I had decided to wear my least favorite swim suit that day because I figured we would only be out on the beach for an hour or two. I was lying out, when my bestie Elyse came out and said "hey, lets all go take a group picture by the rock over there, we have no pictures yet!!" I was grumpy about it since I had my "ugly" suit on... and was reluctant to go. Meanwhile, they are all sweating it because they did not think I would end up walking down the beach. Finally, I went along with them down the beach to take pictures. I took a picture of my friends and then they took a picture of Travis and I. Once we were done, I started to turn away when Travis pulled me back and started to say "Baby, you know I love you....." and thats when I forget whatever happened next HA!! and so does he!!! BUT... we do know I said YES, and there is a ring on my finger, so it must have all went well from there.. :) It did get rushed along as a big wave came and almost took him out as he was trying to take out the ring, so that maybe played a part in us forgetting what was being said. The setting was perfect, and I would not change a thing!! And now, time to plan a wedding!! :)

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